Aciphylla aurea | Golden Spaniard | Taramea | 8 Seeds

Aciphylla aurea | Golden Spaniard | Taramea | 8 Seeds


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Seeds from Aciphylla aurea. A rare large plant with handsome tussocks composed of dense clusters of sharply pointed sword like yellowish green leaves also bearing impressive gold flowers. Commonly known as golden speargrass or golden Spaniard. Individual plants may be up to 39 inches tall and consist of sharp spiky yellowish green leaves. Aurea is found throughout the South Island of New Zealand usually in mountainous areas but also lower altitude that is dry well drained grassland sites. It is found in altitudes from 980 to 4900 ft. The aurea part of the name refers to the distinctive golden color of the plant. Golden Spaniard flowers from January to February with a yellow or cream color. The flower head is very spikey and quite large and solid. USDA Hardiness Zones 5 to 9.
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