Calceolaria corymbosa floccosa 20 seeds

Calceolaria corymbosa floccosa 20 seeds


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Seeds from Calceolaria corymbosa floccosa, called the Ladys Slipper, is native of Chile and Argentina. This plant will grow to a height of 60 cm. It makes an excellent interior plant and flourishes for a long time. The Calceolaria will bear yellow flowers with brownish spots for about 7 weeks, from the middle of spring to the end of summer. It is an annual plant, which means that it dies after summer. The flowers are inodorant and come in grapes at the top of the stems. The flowers actually look like small slippers. The green leaves are cordiform and measure 20 cm long. They grow in rosettes at the base of the stems. Each stem measures from 30 to 60 cm high. Calceolaria corymbosa floccosa needs a good aeration. It will only flower when the temperature is higher than 15 Celsius. Do not expose the plant to temperatures below 0 Celsius. It does not grow too well during the hottest months of the year. Water regularly to keep the soil moist. Hardiness zones 8-9. SEEDS ARE TINY. RINSE SEEDS OUT WITH WATER.
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