Sowerbaea juncea Scented Vanilla Lily 20 seeds

Sowerbaea juncea Scented Vanilla Lily 20 seeds


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Seeds from Sowerbaea Juncea Scented Vanilla Lily have leaves that form blue green, grass like clumps rather like chives and the plants grow to about 14 to 16 inches in height in zones 9 to 11. The roots are fibrous fleshed and lack any tubers. The flowers form on dense heads of more than 20 individual flowers on a single, un branched stem. They are a delicate mauve shade with pink bracts, and have a delicious vanilla perfume. Flowering occurs in spring, and a patch of vanilla lily is both a sight and scent not to be forgotten. Vanilla lily prefers a sunny, moist situation in light well drained soil sand or light loam. It can be grown as a container plant, or in a rockery, or a terrarium, and is useful around the edges of a pond. Unfortunately it is only rarely seen in cultivation and seed is not often available. This is a real rare opportunity to grow these. It can also be propagated by division of mature clumps.
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