Asarum hartwegii Marbled Wild Ginger 5 seeds

Asarum hartwegii Marbled Wild Ginger 5 seeds


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Asarum hartwegii, Marbled Wild Ginger grows in a forest habitat. This is a perennial herb growing from a ginger-scented rhizome which extends vertically deep into the ground. It forms a clump of elaborately white-veined 6 inch, fragrant leaves which are heart-shaped to round in shape and coated in curved hairs. Each is borne on a long petiole up to 8 inches long. It bears a solitary flower near the ground on a short stem. The flower has no petals but three curving, hairy, brownish or maroon sepals which are cream with red stripes on their inner surfaces. The fruit is a fleshy capsule containing many seeds. Hardiness zones 6-10.
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