Epilobium canum Hummingbird Trumpet 10 seeds

Epilobium canum Hummingbird Trumpet 10 seeds


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Seeds from Epilobium canum ssp. latifolium or Hummingbird Trumpet. The flowers are 1. 5 inches long and tubular with 4, notched lobes. In good years with sufficient water and mild autumn weather, the plants can be covered in a mass of flaming red flowers. The leaves are dark green, linear to ovate in shape, and may have toothed edges. This subspecies has broader, greener leaves than the main species, which has grayer, narrower leaves. When blooming plants grow scarce in autumn, the flowers attract late season butterflies, especially Whites and Sulphurs. The nectar-filled flowers attract hummingbirds. If you wait near a blooming Hummingbird Trumpet, you have an excellent chance of spotting a hummingbird. Zones 8-10.
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