Macadamia integrafolia Nut Tree 10 seeds

Macadamia integrafolia Nut Tree 10 seeds


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Seeds from Macadamia integrafolia tree, this slow growing multi branched tree can be pruned into a standard with a single trunk. It can grow to 16 to 25 feet tall and 15 feet across. The pointed leaves are very waxy deeply serrated shaped and about 8 inches long. It grows in full sun to part shade with very little extra care and have very few insect problems. Hardy in zones 8 to 11. This tree will produce the highly sought after nuts after about 4 years. GERMINATION INSTRUCTIONS: File a groove into each seed shell with a hand file to assist with the start of germination. As long as you weaken the outer shell a bit it will help promote germination. You don't want to file down close to the embryo. Prepare the soil by adding peat and sand to make a mixture that will drain well. Macadamia grow well in a soil that stays moist but not wet. Plant the seeds in the soil mixture. Place the container in a location that gets full sun or indoors under grow lights. Young saplings do not tolerate cool temperatures. Water the plants frequently to keep the soil moist.
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