Rubus leucodermis or Black Raspberry 10 seeds

Rubus leucodermis or Black Raspberry 10 seeds


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Seeds from Rubus leucodermis or Black Raspberry. of the rose family and native to the United States and Canada. The plants are shrubs with long, arching canes that grow up to 5 meters tall. The milky blueish green canes are tough, woody, and covered with curved prickles. The leaves are long, ovular, and sharply toothed with white and hairy undersides . The whitish pink flowers form clusters and bloom on the top of the canes in mid spring. Like red raspberries, the actual berries are roundish, conical and made up of many seed compounds, though they tend to be smaller and are purplish black in color. the black raspberry is a unique fruit with a different texture and taste from blackberries or raspberries despite its name. The taste of a black raspberry can be somewhat tart and is therefore commonly consumed in sweetened products such as jams, pies, ice creams and sometimes wine. The berries are particularly high in antioxidants and have been studied in terms of cancer prevention, as well as treatment of diabetes, allergies, and many other ailments. Additionally, because of their dark color, they are used for dyes. Zones 3 to 9.
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