Beaucarnea recurvata Ponytail Palm 15 seeds

Beaucarnea recurvata Ponytail Palm 15 seeds


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Seeds from this spectacular specimen plant: Ponytail palm or Beaucarnea recurvata, they can grow up to 30 ft tall and the base up to 12 ft across, but houseplants generally remain less than 6 to 8 ft tall. The leaves are thin and flat, up to 6 ft long and only 1 in wide. They are clustered in dense tufts at the ends of the branches and arch upward, then droop downward. The plant looks a little like a palm, and a little like a big onion sitting on the ground with a single stalk growing up and sporting a parasol of drooping, straplike leaves. Hardy in zones 8-11 and is the most cold hardy of all the cyads, this palm thrives and grows best in partial shade.
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