Kigelia pinnata Sausage Tree 10 seeds

Kigelia pinnata Sausage Tree 10 seeds


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Seeds from Kigelia pinnata, africana or sausage tree, cucumber tree which refers to the long, sausage-like fruit. These fruits are often used to make a beer like beverage. The red flowers of the sausage tree bloom at night on long, rope-like stalks that hang down the limbs of this tropical tree. The fragrant , nectar-rich blossoms are pollinated by bats, insects and sunbirds in their native habitat. The mature fruits dangle from the long stalks like giant sausages. They may be up to two feet long and weigh up to 15 pounds. The flowers are seen hanging from the tree while they haven't opened. After they open they fall off quite soon. Growing up to 50 feet this deciduous tree boasts leathery slightly glossy leaves in zones 10-11.
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