Areca vestiaria Orange Crownshaft Palm 5 seeds

Areca vestiaria Orange Crownshaft Palm 5 seeds


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Seeds from Areca vestiaria. It has a single smooth trunk ringed with old leaf scars, about 20 feet tall and 4 inches in diameter. Pinnate, feather-shaped leaves emerge from a stunning bright Orange crown-shaft. The bright orange petioles and crown-shaft make a striking contrast against the dark green leaves and can be seen even from far away. The Fronds are lush green to deep yellow-green in color, 4 feet long and 2 feet wide, with 20-30 wide leaflets. The Arched leaves grow on smooth yellow to orange stems. It produces small yellow-orange to yellow-green. The Orange Crown-shaft Palm is monoecious, male and female reproductive units are born on the same plant. There are less female flowers than male, but female flowers are larger. Outdoor/Indoor Use: Both. Zones 9-11.
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