Washingtonia filifera California Fan Palm 10 seeds

Washingtonia filifera California Fan Palm 10 seeds


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Seeds from this Washingtonia filifera or California Fan Palm. The California fan palm is one of the most widely grown palms in subtropical climates. California fan palm can grow 60 ft tall with a crown spread of 15 ft. The large gray trunk is barrel shaped and ringed with old leaf scars that may reach over 3 ft in diameter. California fan palm can have up to thirty gray green palmate fan shaped leaves, each 3 to 6 ft across. They spread out to form a loose and open crown. The leaf stems of a mature palm are armed with long curved thorns. The leaflets are pendulous and swing freely in the wind. Cotton like threads are on and between the leaflets and persist even when the palm is mature. If old leaves are not removed, they form a continuous "petticoat" from the crown all the way to the ground. The California fan palm produces numerous branching flower clusters that project out and often downward from the leaf crown. The bisexual blossoms are white and yellow and give rise to round red black fruit, each about a 0. 5 in diameter. The fruits of California fan palm contain a single seed, approximately quarter inch in diameter. Zones 8 to 11.
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