Physalis edulis Cape Gooseberry 15 seeds

Physalis edulis Cape Gooseberry 15 seeds


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Seeds from physalis edulis or cape gooseberry. These herbaceous plants, native to warm temperate and subtropical regions, produce delicious hard to find super sweet fruits which are a relative of and similar to the common tomato. The Cape gooseberry is a useful small crop for the home garden. The fruit is expensive to purchase as it is labor intensive in commercial gardens. Very easy to grow from seed, similar to tomatoes, it is not cold hardy at 26F, though it can overwinter outdoors in mild areas or when grown in warm positions such as against a sunny wall, where some will tolerate temperatures down to about 14F. Developing a straw colored husk much larger than the fruit which take 70 to 80 days to mature. As the fruits ripen, they begin to drop to the ground, but will continue to mature and change from green to the golden yellow of the mature fruit. Self pollinated but pollination is enhanced by a gentle shaking of the flowering stems or giving the plants a light spraying with water.
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