Papaver somniferum or Danish Flag Poppy 50 seeds

Papaver somniferum or Danish Flag Poppy 50 seeds


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Seeds from this spectacular Danish Flag poppy. Beautiful bicolor blooms of red and white poppies. A member of the Papaver Somniferum family, this variety has intensely rich red petals which are feathered at their edges for maximum effect. At its center a pure white cross finishes the look, completing the motif for Denmarks national flag. Growing to a height of between two and three feet, Danish Flag is a stunning variety that will certainly become the talking piece of a garden. Its five inch wide blooms look spectacular in large groups, filling any garden area with intense color. Also known as Breadseed or Florist Poppies, Danish Flag will reveal an additional benefit when its delicate petals fall in the form of an architectural and stunning seed pod, perfect for use in flower arranging. Meanwhile, such a pod can also be left on plants, adding interesting winter appeal as morning dews and frosts cling to the sculptural shape.
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