Lilium Little Rascals Oriental strain 5 seeds

Lilium Little Rascals Oriental strain 5 seeds


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Seeds of Lilium "Little Rascals"Oriental strain. The asiatic hybrids are a real bonus for the dwarf needs in your perennial garden. Red orange with many elongated black spots also white and some with golden painted blossoms. These small pops of colors are like little stars in the garden. August blooms. They first develop bulblets underground (while temperatures are warm, so start them in summer or indoors in the fall); winter cold (or 12 weeks of refrigeration) is needed before the first leaf can emerge above ground. You can give the warm stage/cool stage treatment to seeds in plastic bags of damp (but aerated) peat or vermiculite; watch the bulblets grow, then put them in the fridge for "winter" until ready to plant outside. These will show a few flowers in the second summer after the first leaf appears, with large stems the following year.
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