Acacia retinodes Silver Wattle 15 seeds

Acacia retinodes Silver Wattle 15 seeds


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Seeds from this shrub Acacia retinodes or Wirilda. One of the hardiest mimosas with thin, strap-shaped, willow-like leaves and dense sprays of fragrant, light lemon, fuzzy flowers in spring and summer. This plant is semi-evergreen and produced these clumps of yellow blossoms Feb-Aug in areas of hardiness. It is attractive to bees, butterfiles and birds also. A very fast grower and will grow 16 - 18 feet tall and 10 feet wide eventually. This plant does overwinter outside in my zone 8B and is hardy in zones 8b-11 but does usually lose all its leaves if we have a killing frost, but comes back to blossom again in the summer
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