Castilleja rhexifolia Rosy Paintbrush 10 seeds

Castilleja rhexifolia Rosy Paintbrush 10 seeds


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Seeds from this Castilleja rhexifolia or Rosy Paintbrush. Small upright clusters. Plant with few hairs, or more often hairless. Stems unbranched, purplish red or scarlet. Leaves broadly lance-shaped without lobes or with few lobes in upper part of plant. Flower bracts 1- to 3-lobed, center lobe very wide and often somewhat rounded, all with round tips. Grows in subalpine meadows, bogs, alpine talus slopes. This species is the common high-altitude paintbrush in eastern Washington and northeastern Oregon. Similar to and known to hybridize with C. miniata, which generally grows at lower elevations. Zones 3-6.
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