Lonicera xylosteum | Emerald Mound | Fly honeysuckle | 10 Seeds

Lonicera xylosteum | Emerald Mound | Fly honeysuckle | 10 Seeds


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Here I am offering seeds from Lonicera xylosteum also known as Emerald Mound, Fly honeysuckle, European Fly Honeysuckle, Dwarf Honeysuckle, and Fly Woodbine. Lonicera xylosteum is a woody, perennial shrub that is 3 to 7 feet tall. The pubescent stems of this plant are hollow. The oppositely arranged, gray to green leaves are are usually obovate in shape. The upper leaf surface is glabrous when mature while the lower leaf surface is pubescent. The yellowish white flowers are borne in pairs on peduncles that are longer than the petioles. The flowers appear in late May to early June. The fruit are scarlet, spherical berries that are borne in pairs and ripen in the late summer to early fall. USDA Hardiness Zones 4 to 6.
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