Cornus Kousa Chinensis | Chinese Dogwood | 10 Seeds

Cornus Kousa Chinensis | Chinese Dogwood | 10 Seeds


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Seeds from Chinese Dogwood are available here. Cornus kousa Chinensis is a small tree or large shrub, depending on how it is trained. This plant grows rather slowly at first but can eventually reach up to 25 feet tall. It has an upright habit, widening with age. Cornus kousa Chinensis has large pink white flower bracts which can turn pinker with age. The wonderful flowers first appear in early summer and seem to last forever. Edible red fruits are produced each year. The leaves start out rounded and green, but the color changes to beautiful reds and purples in autumn. Cornus kousa Chinensis makes a great specimen tree and it is recommended that you use a fertile, humus rich and neutral to acid soil. They seem to grow best in full sun or partial shade. Cornus kousa Chinensis start out slow, but their growth can speed up after a few years. This Chinese Dogwood is best left to develop a branched head with minimal amounts of pruning. Dead wood should be removed after flowering as they do not like hard pruning. USDA Hardiness Zones 5 to 8
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