Psidium friedrichsthalium Costa Rican Guava 10 seeds

Psidium friedrichsthalium Costa Rican Guava 10 seeds


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Seeds from Psidium friedrichsthalium An attractive, tree growing 20 to 35 ft, it has wiry, quadrangular, or 4 winged, branchlets which are dark reddish and minutely hairy. The trunk bark is red brown with grayish patches. Flowers, usually borne singly, are fragrant, white, 1 in wide, with 5 waxy petals and about 300 stamens. The fruit is round or oval, One and a quarter to two and a half inches long, with yellow skin and soft, white, very acid flesh, and a few seeds 3/16 in long. Because of its acidity, the fruit is mostly used for jelly and jam. It makes fine filling for pies. Zones 9 to 11.
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