Chorizema diversifolia Flame Pea 10 seeds

Chorizema diversifolia Flame Pea 10 seeds


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Seeds from Chorizema diversifolia or Climbing Flame Pea. Chorizema or flame peas are a genus of some 25 species endemic to Australia. They are shrubs or twiners and have masses of spectular orange and/or red for the most part pea flowers in the spring. Chorizema diversifolium illicifolium, is a delicate stem twining climber with narrow eliptical leaves and orange to red pea flowers in the spring. This is a non-vigorous climber that is suited to shade or semi-shade. They are fast-growing with slender graceful branches. You can leave them to their own devices and they will make an attractive display spilling over a bank or on walls or in a hanging basket or you can prune them, pinch them back and cut them back after flowering to make a low-lying ground cover. These delightful plants are a source of showy colour and delightful blooms. Easy to grow from seed and requiring only simple stratification by way of pretreatment. Zones 9-10.
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