Passiflora edulis 10 seeds

Passiflora edulis 10 seeds


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Seeds from Passiflora edulis. P. edulis is a perennial vine; tendrils are borne in leaf axils, and have a red or purple hue when young. The fruit produced is entirely fleshy (making it botanically a berry). The outside color of the berry ranges from dark-purple with fine white specks to light yellow. The fruit is 4—7.5 cm in diameter; purple fruits are smaller, weighing around 35 grams, while yellow fruits are closer to 80 grams.The smooth, leathery rind is 9–13 mm thick, including a thick layer of pith. Within the berry, there are typically 250 black seeds, each 2.4 mm in length. Each seed is surrounded by a membranous sac filled with pulpy juice. The flavor of the juice is slightly acidic and musky. The passion fruit's flavor can be compared to that of the guava fruit. Zones 9 to 11.
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