Passiflora bogotensis Bogota Passion Flower 10 seeds

Passiflora bogotensis Bogota Passion Flower 10 seeds


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Extremely Rare Seeds from Passiflora bogotensis. The plant originates from the mountains near Bogota in Colombia, where it is rare. This is a hard to find collectors plant, and seeds are rarely seen for sale. When not in bloom, it is a attractive plant covered with velvety soft, bat like leaves, each having 2 large, wing like lobes. Shaped like an upside down mushroom, once opened up they reveal white flowers contrasted by maroon stamens and many of them along with yellow green filaments. Then blueberry size fruits are formed that ripen from green to black. Growing to 20 feet in length. We recommend placing in shade for higher temps over 85F. Use Well drained garden soil. Zones 8 to 11.
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