Mucuna macrocarpa | Rusty leaf | 2 Seeds

Mucuna macrocarpa | Rusty leaf | 2 Seeds


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Here I am offering seeds from Mucuna macrocarpa, Rusty leaf Mucuna, or Large fruit Mucuna. Mucuna macrocarpa is a plant found in tropical and subtropical regions of the World. Rusty leaf Mucuna is a large climber and a native of the East Indies. The vines of Large fruit Mucuna are used as a Chinese medicinal herb. Their racemes normally grow 21 inches long on mature vines, and can have up to 100 beautiful purple and pale yellow flowers on each one. Mucuna macrocarpa definitely needs a large tree to climb up. This plant does not deserve its reputation for being difficult to germinate. These fresh seeds will set you up for success. Results of almost 100 percent germination have been obtained with this batch. The fresh seeds are soaked in water for a day after some gentle and careful scarification with a steel file. Then place the seeds in a sterile medium. Vermiculite is better than perlite in this case. The first seeds to germinate will do so within three weeks and the rest will follow within the next two to three months. They need a deep container because the taproot is up to 6 inches long. USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11
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