Asclepias erosa Desert Milkweed 10 seeds

Asclepias erosa Desert Milkweed 10 seeds


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Seeds from this hard to find Asclepias erosa or Desert Milkweed . This plant is a perennial herb with erect yellow-green stems and foliage in shades of pale whitish-green to dark green with white veining. It may be hairless to very fuzzy. The plant is filled with a viscous sap that was roasted to a solid and enjoyed as a sort of chewing gum by local Native American groups. It is hardy in all zones in the southwestern US. Brings lots of butterflies and bees galore to your garden especially the Monarch. These deciduous perennials grow 2 to 3 feet tall in full sun and dry soil is best for them. Zones 4 - 10.
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