Asclepias ovalifolia Oval Leaf Milkweed 10 seeds

Asclepias ovalifolia Oval Leaf Milkweed 10 seeds


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Seeds from this Asclepias ovalifolia Oval leaf Milkweed. This native perennial wildflower is 8 to 20in tall, erect, and unbranched. The central stem is light green to brown, terete, and canescent to short pubescent. Pairs of opposite leaves occur at intervals along the central stem. The leaf blades are 2 to 3in long, they are lanceolate, ovate, or oval in shape and their margins are smooth. The upper surfaces of the blades are green and hairless, while their lower surfaces are pale green and canescent to short-pubescent. On each blade, the lateral veins extend outward from the central vein toward the outer margins. The preference is full or partial sun, dry conditions, and sandy soil other kinds of soil are tolerated, if water drainage is good. This small milkweed could be cultivated in rock gardens. Hardy in zones 6 to 9.
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