Aristolochia indica Ishwari medicinal 8 seeds

Aristolochia indica Ishwari medicinal 8 seeds


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Seeds of Aristolochia indica is a glabrous, shrubby or herbaceous perennial plant with woody root stock and long, slender, grooved, glabrous branches. It is found mostly in the Himalayan belt near Nepal, South India and Bengal up to an altitude of 3000 feet. The stem part of the climber is woody and thin. The leaves are 2-4 inch in length and 1-2 inch wide, variable, fiddle shaped to linear. The flowers are 1 to 1.5 inch in length, found in small clusters and they appear like hood of the cobra. They are purple colour inside and pale green in the outer rim. They bloom in the rainy season. The fruits are round and are found in the month of November to March. The seeds are triangular and flat. The roots of the plant are long and cylindrical with little bends. The outer side is brownish with white colour inside. They are bitter in taste and have camphor like odor. An ayurvedic herb useful for the treatment of localized swelling, cases of poisoning by inducing vomiting, skin diseases, cough and painful periods. Zones 9 and above.
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