Bauhinia monandra Pink Bauhinia Napoleon’s Plume Pint Tree

Bauhinia monandra Pink Bauhinia Napoleon’s Plume Pint Tree


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Pint Plant from Bauhinia monandra. A small tree which loses its leaves during the dry season. its simple leaves have two lobes and are folded in the centre and they resemble a pair of butterfly wings. The fruits are large with elongated pods. The flowers are borne in small clusters and the individual flowers have very short stalks. These flowers have five large, spreading, petals and a single large curved stamenFour of the petals are similar while the other petal is different. The four similar lower petals are pale pink or whitish with numerous tiny darker reddish-pink or purple spots, and are wider nearer their tips. The single upper petal is often somewhat yellowish in colour, with more prominent reddish coloured markings, and is usually wider nearer its base. Flowering occurs during late spring and summer. Zones 10-11
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