Chitalpa tree x Chitalpa tashkentensis pint Plant

Chitalpa tree x Chitalpa tashkentensis pint Plant


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Chitalpa tree x Chitalpa tashkentensiscan grow into 30 foot tall trees 27 feet or large, multi-stemmed shrubs. They are deciduous and lose leaves in winter. Their leaves are elliptical, and in terms of shape, they are about at the halfway point between the narrow leaves of desert willow and the heart-shaped foliage of catalpa. The pink chitalpa flowers look like catalpa blossoms but smaller. They are trumpet shaped and grow in erect clusters. The flowers appear in spring and summer in various shades of pink. According to chitalpa information, these trees are quite drought tolerant. This is not surprising considering that its native habitat is the desert lands of Texas, California, and Mexico. Chitalpa trees can live 150 years. Hardy in zones 6-9
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