Lonicera japonica purpurea |Purple leafed honeysuckle pint plant

Lonicera japonica purpurea |Purple leafed honeysuckle pint plant


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Pint plant of Lonicera japonica purpurea or purple-leafed honeysuckle. A vigorous, evergreen, or semi-evergreen vine producing very fragrant purple-red blossoms showing off white interiors from spring off and on through late summer. A woody trailing vine that grows quickly on a trellis or fence providing a sweetly-fragrant screen for privacy or shade. Emerge in May and continue well into August. Flowers are up to 1.5” long, 2-lipped, and are very fragrant, thus attracting both hummingbirds and bees. In September flowers give rise to red berries. Songbirds easily find tasty berries. Prefers full to partial sun for best color. Hardy in zone 3-10.
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