Albizzia julibrissin Pink Mimosa Tree Pint Plant

Albizzia julibrissin Pink Mimosa Tree Pint Plant


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Pint Plant of this Mimosa Pink Tree, Persian Silk Tree, Albizzia julibrissin Mimosa is a deciduous, small to medium-sized tree that can grow 10-20 feet tall. Hardy in zones 6 to 10. The bark is light brown and smooth while young stems are lime green in color, turning light brown and covered with lenticels. Leaves are alternately arranged and bipinnately compound 6 to 20 inches long, having 20 to 60 leaflets per branch. The leaf arrangement gives mimosa a fern like or feathery appearance. Mimosa flowering occurs from May through July. Pom pomesque flowers are borne in terminal clusters at the base of the current years twigs. The flowers are fragrant and pink in color, about 1 and a half inches long.
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