Justicia spicigera Mexican honeysuckle firecracker bush pint

Justicia spicigera Mexican honeysuckle firecracker bush pint


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Pint plant of Justicia spicigera (Mexican honeysuckle, firecracker bush, moyotle, moyotli, mohintli, muicle, trompetilla, yaxan, is an evergreen shrub with tubular orange flowers. The species is native to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Muicle shrubs grow perennially in full sun or partial shade, and typically reach heights of between 2–5 feet. Their leaves are around 2 inches long, and their bright orange flowers attract hummingbirds. They prefer warm weather but can tolerate temperatures down to about 26 °F. Plant in filtered sun and well-drained soil.
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