Justicia carnea Flamingo Flower Quart Plant

Justicia carnea Flamingo Flower Quart Plant


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Quart Plant from Justicia carnea, with common names including Brazilian plume flower, Brazilian-plume, flamingo flower, and jacobinia. It is a flowering plant in the family Acanthaceae. This perennial plant is native to the Atlantic Forest ecoregions of eastern Brazil. It is cultivated and sold as a decorative potted plant and is planted in landscaping as a feature plant in warm temperate and subtropical climates. Use Brazilian plume in locations with full sun to part shade and soil with good drainage. Extremes in water – wet or dry and very cool temperatures will cause loss of leaves. Intolerant of even a light frost, where not hardy grow in containers, greenhouse or as annuals. Prune by heading back by hand as they respond poorly to shearing. Brazilian plume is best used in groups and masses and is beautiful in beds, as accent and in borders. Zones 8-11
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