Canna Lily Phasion variegated Starter Plant

Canna Lily Phasion variegated Starter Plant


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Here I am offering a Starter Plant of one of my favorite very unusual and hard to find plants. Canna Orange stripe is one of the most showy of all the cannas, and to see it in person you realize how striking it really is. The leaves are a rainbow of bright colored stripes. Red, purple, gold, pink and dark blackish green streaks make these leaves so decorative that they cannot be ignored. The flowers are produced all summer as long if you keep them watered. This plant requires lots of water and is perfect for backyard ponds. Canna Lily pink stripe will die back to the ground with extended freezing temperatures but will grow right back in the spring. I have had good luck with both planting them in the ground and in containers here in my zone 8b area. USDA Hardiness Zones 7 to 11
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