Lantana camara | Red Butler | Quart Plant

Lantana camara | Red Butler | Quart Plant


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Here I offer a quart plant of Lantana Camara Red Butler. This tropical is a tender perennial which can not stand freezing temperatures for any extended period of time. Growing to upright and outwardly spreading plant habit 3 feet high, this plant can also be grown as an annual. Lantana Camara Red Butler is the best deep red and orange colored Lantana. Deers hate it if that is one of your problems. This is a drought-resistant fast-growing shrub. You can put this in the hottest of spots in your yard and it still blossoms all summer. The dark green oval leaves have a sandpaper-like feel and an unusual order as most Lantanas do. This plant does overwinter outside in my zone 8b area but it usually loses all of its leaves if we have a killing frost, but then it comes back to blossom again in the summer. USDA Hardiness Zones 9b to 11
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