Cestrum purple x Cretan Purple Quart Plant

Cestrum purple x Cretan Purple Quart Plant


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Quart plant of Cestrum x Cretan Purple,"Cestrum purpureum", or "Bastard Jasmine"is a species of flowering shrubs. Cestrum Purpureum is a hybrid, evergreen shrub. They are shrubs of large dimensions that occupy enough space, can measure from one to more than three meters in height. It is a very branched plant with erect and arched stems. The Cestrum are native to warm regions of America, from the southern United States to Chile, through Mexico and Central America, so the Cestrum Purpureum needs similar temperatures to derive from them. Its flowers are very decorative and numerous, aromatic, they grow together in hanging florets, funnel-shaped and are lilac, which depending on the intensity of the sun they are exposed to, or the season of the year, can present different shades, soft lilac or bright lilac, pink violet or lavender, with different shades in the same flower. Its flowers attract hummingbirds. It is a resistant plant and easy to grow in optimal conditions of cultivation, one of its worst enemies is excessive irrigation and poor drainage that causes decay. The extreme cold can kill the plant, it is better to grow it in areas with moderate winter temperatures.
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