Clerodendrum thomsoniae Variegated Bleeding Heart Pint Plant

Clerodendrum thomsoniae Variegated Bleeding Heart Pint Plant


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Pint plant of this variegated bleeding heart vine or Clerodendrum x thompsoniae Variegata. This plant is a must for all vine enthusiasts. The leaves are small fleshy and dark green, with a light green, chartreuse and creamy white streaks. The hearts can cover this plant and every blossom has a beautiful small bright red flower emerge from the bottom of the heart. This red flower has many small red tentacles coming out of the center. One of the best things about this plant is that the blossoms stay in bloom for almost two months. Keep this plant in sun to partial shade. The more sun this plant gets, the more it blossoms. Hardy in zones 9 to 11.
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