Bignonia capreolata Jekyll Quart Plant

Bignonia capreolata Jekyll Quart Plant


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Quart plant from Bignonia capreolata Jekyll. The Jekyll Orange Crossvine is exceptionally easy to grow in most any moist but well-drained soil of average to low fertility. A North American native vine that will climb and cover a chain link fences from top to bottom. The Jekyll Orange Crossvine is fragrant and with many blooms. It's bright orange trumpet-shaped flowers bloom in spring and reblooming again in late summer and fall here in central Georgia gardens. Some years it seems to bloom spring to frost! The flowers of Jekyll might be a little brighter orange than Tangerine Beauty and they're shaped a little differently as well. The dense foliage consists of oblong leaves and will remain evergreen in the deep South turning to reddish-purple in fall. It grows in full sun or shade, however blooms heavier with more sun. They like at least 5 hours of direct sunlight for full flowering. Plants are drought tolerant when established. Zones 6 to 9
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