Thunbergia alata Sunrise White Pint plant

Thunbergia alata Sunrise White Pint plant


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Pint plant from Black Eyed Susie Vine or Thunbergia alata White Sunrise. This 6 to 8 foot tender perennial grows very rapidly covering a trellis easily in a couple of months and are very easy to let just wander. This is one of my rarest Black Eyed Susan being white with a black eye, and one of the real showstoppers. These blossoms cover this plant from mid summer until late fall and always seem to have some flowers in blossom. These will self sow and in the spring you will have as many as you would like and lots to share with your gardening friends. In my greenhouse I have had it in bloom for three seasons. Hardy in zones 10 to 11.
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