Erythronium grandiflorum ssp chrysandrum 10 seeds

Erythronium grandiflorum ssp chrysandrum 10 seeds


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Seeds of this hard to find Erythronium grandiflorum ssp chrysandrum, yellow avalanche lily, glacier lily, and Yellow Fawnlily, Yellow Fawn-lily. Glacier lily is a beautiful perennial wildflower which arises from a deep seated elongated corm. The single stem may rise to about 14 inches in height. The pair of leaves are basal, not mottled, and narrowly to broadly oblong-elliptic in shape. They are 4 to 8 inches long, narrowing gradually to a wide petiole.Lemon yellow flowers in April and May up to 12 inches above wavy shaped leaves. Prefer slightly acid soil conditions in a semi-shady position preferable under a large tree. Hardy in zones 3-9
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