Clematis tangutica Radar Love Pint Plant

Clematis tangutica Radar Love Pint Plant


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Pint Plant from Clematis tangutica Radar Love. A vigorous and free-flowering 6 to 8 foot vine in zones 4-9. In midsummer, an explosion of bright yellow lantern-like flowers cover the bright green foliage. The golden flowers continue to bloom through October and are then followed by showy seed heads in late fall. Clematis tangutica looks stunning when planted on a trellis. Starting form seeds requires 20-30 days at 55F nights and 72F days. Darkness helps, so cover compleely when sowing. If seeds do not germinate with above practice, move to 29-38F for 4 to 8 weeks and repeat first process. Zones 3-9
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