Castilleja linarifolia Narrow Leaf Paintbrush 10 seeds

Castilleja linarifolia Narrow Leaf Paintbrush 10 seeds


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Seeds from this Castilleja linarifolia or Narrow leaf Paintbrush. Erect, gray green becoming purplish, hairless or slightly hairy. Stems with few branches. Leaves linear, edges rolled upward, entire or rarely with upper leaves 3 lobed. Flower bracts one third to 1 in. , generally divided into 3 narrow lobes, bright red, orange, or yellow, calyx unevenly divided, more deeply cut in front, red, more noticeable than bracts. Flower yellow green with red edges. Grows in dry rocky sites, plains, sagebrush, juniper forests, at mid to high elevations. A showy plant. State flower of Wyoming. Zones 3 to 6.
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