Melaleuca radula Graceful Hornet Myrtle 20 seeds

Melaleuca radula Graceful Hornet Myrtle 20 seeds


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Seeds from Melaleuca radula Graceful Hornet myrtle. A shrub which is native to Western Australia. It ranges between 1-3 feet in height and has purple or pink flowers that appear in winter and spring. In the wild, Melaleuca plants are generally found in open forest, woodland or shrubland, particularly along watercourses and the edges of swamps. The Graceful Honey-myrtle prefers a sunny, well-drained situation. Prune after flowering to keep the plants bushy and blooming heavily. The species are shrubs and trees, often with flaky, exfoliating bark. The leaves are evergreen. Hardy in zones 8-11.
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