Ptychosperma elegans Solitaire Palm 10 seeds

Ptychosperma elegans Solitaire Palm 10 seeds


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Seeds from Ptychosperma elegans Solitaire Palm. From the rainforests of Northern Territory and Queensland, Australia, Ptychosperma elegans is a solitary palm, usually to about 20 feet tall, although taller is not uncommon. The slender trunk is grey, prominently ringed and has a relatively short, green crown shaft. Leaves are pinnate, about 6 inches in length and dark green with the usual Ptychosperma jagged ended leaflets. They like a moist, well draining soil and, although fairly tropical in their requirements, adapt well to pot culture and low light making them increasingly popular as an indoor palm. Ptychosperma elegans has been known to survive mild frosts and will survive in some warm temperate areas, particularly with the protection of some overhead canopy. Given sufficient heat, water and fertilizer, they are a fast growing palm and their slender trunks and relatively compact crown make them ideal for smaller areas and group plantings. They will tolerate full sun. Zones 9 to 11.
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