Lycium exsertum Desert Wolfberries 20 seeds

Lycium exsertum Desert Wolfberries 20 seeds


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Seeds from Desert Wolfberries, Lycium exsertum. This tough desert shrub is for a big yard and provides excellent cover for wildlife. Winter flowering time provides an extra hit of nectar when blooms are scarce. The berries are food for some birds. A thorny, branched medium to large, sprawling shrub. Light green leaves are succulent with some hairs and wider at the tip. Flowers are cream to purplish, small and tubular. Examined closely, each flower is different: either predominantly female or male. If male, the stamens protrude are exerted. The fleshy red berrylike fruits enclose 20 to 30 seeds, and are edible. Wolfberry is normally leafless during periods of drought, having the appearance of a thicket of bare twigs. It leafs out with rains and is densely green during the cool season. Zones 7 to 10
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