Passiflora suberosa Corky stemmed pint Plant

Passiflora suberosa Corky stemmed pint Plant


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Pint plant from this passion vine Passiflora suberosa also known as Cork stemmed Passion flower or Indigo Berry and also Devils Pumpkin, a hardy passion vine, root hardy to zone 8. The flowers on this plant usually grow as a single blossom every 4 or 5 inches down the stem with very light greenish petals and light yellow filaments and a white center. The shiny maple shaped leaves make this plant attractive even when not in blossom. This vine produced hundreds of these blossoms during this past summer which in turn produce many tiny half inch deep purple passion fruits. The vine grew to about 10 feet and was pretty much pest free. I keep mine in the ground and protect it in the winter months with a very light mulch. Passiflora suberosa is a host plant for the Gulf Fritillary, Julia Heliconian, Mexican Silverspot, and Zebra Heliconian butterflies.
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