Passiflora sexflora | Goatsfoot | Starter Plant

Passiflora sexflora | Goatsfoot | Starter Plant


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Starter Plant from Passiflora sexflora, or Goatsfoot are offered here. The leaves of this plant resemble bat wings, and the plant itself has small clusters of greenish white and purple flowers which bloom from September and November. The fruits are dark violet, bluish berries about a half an inch in diameter. Goatsfoot requires full sun or part shade, but less flowers will be produced in part shade. The soil must be well drained but do not over water. The plant cannot tolerate the cold. This is a highly endangered species. Passiflora Sexflora, alsa known as Goatsfoot, is native to Florida, Southern Mexico, the Caribbeans, Antilles and South America. It is commonly found in woods and thickets. Passiflora Sexflora is a moderately herbaceous vine. In order to let Passiflora Sexflora grow at its best, the plant should be placed close to a wall. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 11.
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